could this be possible?

  • 18 January 2023
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As I posted a few days ago about the massive lag spikes.. I discovered something and am wondering if this could be a possibility:


so yesterday. The massive lag spikes returned. But then in my anger I connected to the cloud via my laptop. And to my surprise, latency was fine and completely playable. 

and the today I got back on my main computer to play. Everything was fine. But then at the tail end of my dungeon and wow, I connected my audio interface (audio box) so I could play out of my nice speakers. Within minutes latency increased and started spiking.


could something like an audio interface (which connects to speakers) cause a huge change in lag??



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Are you using a Bluetooth speaker as an audio source? I highly recommend submitting a ticket from your account page to the Support Team so they can look into this further with you.