Crashing during startup?

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I’ve been attempting to use Shadow for over 2 hours now, but every time I click “Start Now” or “Start Again” it will take me to the “Starting Shadow” screen, but will then send me back to the home screen and simply say “Shadow is off” before it even finishes startup. I have turned off Shadow, closed it with Task Manager, restarted my computer, even uninstalled and reinstalled Shadow, and still it will not start. It tries, and seemingly fails, and I cannot do anything to fix it at all. There is no error message, no code, no crash report, nothing. I just see the “Starting Shadow” screen for between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, but then it never gets to my Shadow Desktop, and instead sends me back to the home screen saying “Shadow is off.”

What is going on??? Is this happening for anyone else?? Am I the only one experiencing this issue? Is there something wrong at one of the data centers? Am I being denied access for some reason? Is the app just glitching?? I am very frustrated, very concerned, and I NEED HELP


(PS: I use Shadow so that I can record and stream, and was hoping to do some recording today, but this issue has immediately and indefinitely stalled that)

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The exact same thing is happening to me through the Windows application. It’s extremely frustrating. I understand that they are in the process up upgrading, but since the buyout, I’ve had more issues than ever and now, at twice the cost.

I’ve even looked for information pointing to maybe a host migration or something, but I can’t find anything.

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Yeah I don't even get an error. I start up shadow says it's off I click on the button to start and it brings me back to the screen that says shadow is off no errors or anything 

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If anyone from any other data besides Chicago can let us know if you're having problems that would help. Since Shadow doesn't want to give us an update. 

My Shadow just came up. Hope this helps.

Same problems here. 

For the past few days - I had to reboot the box to get it to do anything.

Today - I’m getting a U-103/L-105 errors and can’t even boot the thing.

Same day you are asking for double the pay - As Borat would say “great success!”

Ditto, I've been trying to get in for 2 hours now I have tride on My Mac, iPhone, and Chromebook. all have the same problem. I've done the steps Restarting Shadow, uninstalling and reinstalling, Reset Router and cable modem but nothing, still the same outcome one and over.  :/

Is it Just a chicago data center thing or is it happening to other people too? 

Having the same issue and I’m on the Chicago dc as well. I put in a ticket about 3-4 hours ago but no response. 

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I'm sure it is just the Chicago data center since I haven't seen any other posts besides people on the Chicago data center 

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My Shadow just came up. Hope this helps.

Mine is as well, looks like the Chicago data center is good again 

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I'm not sure I am on the Chicago data center 

Is it Just a chicago data center thing or is it happening to other people too? 

Not sure. I thought I was Dallas, but could be Chicago as I’m smack dab in the middle.

Mine is still down :(

Thanks for the update Shadow. You guys are doing great!

Ugh Still down, as well.

Also with the Chicago center. Would be really nice to have some sort of communication from Shadow.  Whatever it is, I don’t doubt that they’re on it and seemingly so if some people are reconnecting finally. It’d still be nice to have some sort of idea what to expect. Not everyone is gaming on these systems, some rely on them for their work and/or schooling.

And Cancel subscription…..

Fixed now for me, at least. Not sure when it came back up.  I’m hoping it sorts out for everyone else as well!

Getting the same issue from the Dallas center. HUGE bummer.