D Drive Constantly Maxes Out at 100% and Downloads Are Slower

  • 24 June 2021
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I am paying extra for 256 more gigs of storage. However, recently, after trying to download games onto it, I would get download speeds that would drop to 0 mb/s. In task manager, the hard drive would max out to 100% and stay there even after cancelling the download. Other things would be slow as well such as the Vortex mod manager. The defrag software won’t open and chkdsk won’t work.

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Hey @Cridi0t 
You have received an email which should tell you that until 30th of July there will be some maintenance. This maintenance is a data migration to a different storage system which affects your drives performance in a negative way. Due to limited writing/reading speed / bandwidth other customers on one storage system will still experience issues, even if migrated successfully already.