Desktop latency 40ms VR 400ms

  • 26 December 2020
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Runs great until I start a VR game. Even tested on Miscreated in 2d, worked great. 18ms ping to datacenter. 40 in virtual desktop. SOON as a game is initiated or even steam VR, boom, 400-500ms lag.

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9 replies

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Since you have not followed the guideline of how to write a forum-post in the “Technical Assistance” section it is very hard to tell what the issue is. You should provide information like Computerhardware, VR headset, Bandwith, etc.

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Ryzen 2600

16GB 3200


Oculus Quest 2

Using shadow Ultimate system


Bandwidth is 50 MBPS

I’ve been having the exact same problem, tried every single trick I could find on Reddit and on the forum. About 20-30 seconds into launching even just SteamVR I get insane network latency. I wonder if they are throttling bandwidth because of high holiday usage. It would make sense because I get waves of latency where it’s fine and then it goes to 300+ and then back down. I’m hoping tomorrow it goes back to normal.


Yep exactly my problem. But I think it’s been an issue from the beginning. I never checked the latency of VD before while in VR to see what it was until the other day. I just upgraded to a Ultimate too...everything else is fine-just VR create horrible lag..haven’t tried any of the driver rollbacks as they are old tips but idk..we will see what happens I guess.

Virtual desktop was working great for me Christmas Day which is interesting. I just tried the shadow vr alpha app and latency is actually perfect, just has the stuttering performance issue they’re working on. Worth a shot if you don’t need to move your head around a lot in your game.


Now that the weekend is over I might try VD again later on.


I have the same problem. Did you find any solution?

Shadow VR alpha is working better in terms of latency than Virtual Desktop but it has the stuttering problem.

I have tried all tricks to lower Virtual Desktop latency but no success.

  • In Shadow Ultra y have around 45-50 ms latency
  • In Shadow Ultra, using Virtual Desktop, in Desktop mode, 60-70 ms latency
  • In Shadow Ultra, using Virtual Desktop, in VR mode, 180-250 ms latency


Same issue. Locally I have 75mbps down, 20 up. 15ms ping. Connected to my Shadow Ultra via virtual desktop from my Quest 2 my ping is around 30ms. Open steam VR and ping goes to 300-400ms and the game is entirely unplayable. Looking in the performance settings the virtual machine seems to only be connecting and sending over it's Ethernet connection at a meagre 15-20mbps. Not sure if that'll be anything?

Also any game I launch tells me my GPU and RAM are almost entirely used up. I have perhaps 5 games installed and no extra software other than virtual desktop. 


If there's no solution to this shortly I'll be in subscribing.


Package: Shadow Ultra 

Internet Down locally: 75mbps+ up 20+ Ping 15ms. Duplex dsl to fiber optic at the road.

Headset: Quest 2

Router: TPLink AX1500 with WiFi 6. Running 5GHZ, less than 6 feet from edge of playspace, only devices connected: Oculus Quest 2 and Cellphone.