Different startup/boot profiles, for different clients/usages

  • 2 May 2021
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So, I am using Shadow Boost and very happy with it. 

I use it for PC Gaming, for connecting it to my Oculus Quest 2 VR set and on the TV to play console-like games with the Nvidia Shield, also through steam. Great.

Now the issues I want to solve to make it even better:

I made a startup profile which includes starting up Steam, Oculus software, Virtual desktop software and the steam VR client. I did this, because starting those individual software things from my mobile (before I connect my VR set to the ShadowPC) is quite a nuisance; the screen of my mobile is too small.

The problem is that I don't need most of that when I play from my TV or PC. Playing from my TV requires a different startup/boot profile.

So what, I guess, I'm looking for is a utility where I can make multiple startup/boot profiles with screen size settings, hardware profiles (like controllers etc) and what software to startup.

Have you guys used something like that already? What would be the best way to solve it? 

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If it were me, I’d create different scripts that launched things for the different use cases, and put the shortcuts to those scripts on the desktop (or perhaps as “non-Steam games” in Steam) for easy access.

My preferred platform is the Shield, so I currently have a script that launches Steam BPM on startup to make initial navigation easier, and a wireless keyboard/trackpad combo connected to the Shield via USB dongle, for the inevitable need to perform Windows navigation from the couch.