Do you have any tips on how to reduce latency on Shadow?

  • 28 May 2020
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I’m seeing a huge latency issue on Shadow and I tried everything.


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3 replies

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I’m seeing a huge latency issue on Shadow and I tried everything.


Greetings @magaracrv thanks for reaching out to the community. 


I recommend you check out this amazing support article from Shadow’s help and assistance website.


You can find a link for it here.


If that does not work please let me know and I can try to help you with your issue.





    • magaracrv

      me too I have some lag in wifi, I'm sharing to you what I use and do, for fixing the lags

      first, if you have 30+ MB/s try to restart or change your DNS ( you can use a free software called “DnsJumper” is gonna look for the best DNS ) after you did that your connection will be a bit better ( I hope ),  it didn't work try to turn off your internet box for like 2m and restart your internet box now it should be better and no lag 
      + activate the (H.265) it should fix some problem 

      now if you have less than 20mb/s sorry but I can only say to do the steps I have to say up and connect in 5gz ( if you are at less than 10 meters) and 2,4 oz ( if you are more than 10m )
      if you still have lags send me a message on discord hgt27#2414 ( private message open )


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Connect to your router via ethernet, make sure to give Shadow just enough bandwidth to look good and not eat your whole network, make sure your Shadows and local resolution match.