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  • 18 May 2021
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I have been told that everyone with a Shadow computer is getting the same “unhandled expectations” error with Dual Universe  Dual Universe has looked into the problem and cant find a solution for Shadow Users. is there anything the Shadow can do to try and trouble shout this problem?


Best answer by Bootloop 1 June 2021, 12:37

Could any Shadow Devs at least run the game and report back what is causing the problem from their perspective?

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6 replies


Shadow needs to provide DU one of their hardware set ups.




DU are the ones blocking Shadow claiming Shadow is cloud computing and virtual machines. 


DU does not yet support cliud computing or virtual machines due to bugs being too difficult to fix for those platforms.


DU and Shadow need to have a quick discussion et cetera.

This is ridiculous.  3 months now and no statement from DU on this.


Game almost loaded after todays update 0.25.  84% and then crash.


The game has been working for the last 4 years on shadow and 0.23 broke it.  The future of gaming is cloud based so to imply it’s not their issue or that they won’t be wanting to be listed on Geforce Now on release is just ridiculous.


If their update caused issues with NVidia GFX they would working non stop to fix it.  Cloud based gamers may be a small percentage at the moment but to ignore this issue is not just an utter smack in face but will ultimately damage their credibility as developers.

GTAV / CyberPunk . Empyrion / Elite / RDR2 / ALL EPIC games… ALL UPLAY games…. they work.

But it’s Shadows issue obviously.

Could any Shadow Devs at least run the game and report back what is causing the problem from their perspective?

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Shadow could be aware of the issue can it can take some time for it to be resolved. Its happened before with some companies as they have seen shadow as a VPN service and shadow has helped fix it. I would put a ticket in with support and see if they can’t escalate it. 

NQ devs told me it’s a Shadow problem they still try to search for this issue, but Shadow devs should work on it.

Of course DU is going to pass the ball and say it’s in Shadow end envelope throw it worked fine before .24.  UD’s update broke the game, not an update from Shadow. 

Mabe we should all put in tickets with shadow and see if they are willing to work with DU.