entering @ etc in Shadow on a Mac

  • 24 March 2022
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I got my Shadow yesterday and wanted to log into a game I had not played since ages, but I am failing completely in entering my email for login. 


I use a windows keyboard on the Mac. The Alt and AltGR

On Windows it is Alt keys are Opt on the Mac.

Windows with German keyboard layout: AltGr+Q: @ sign (AltGr is the right Alt button, only on German keyboards, to reach some third layer signs)

Mac, exactly the same keys: Opt+Q: Close current window similar to Alt+F4 on Windows.

Nevertheless: nothing works when I am in Shadow. I can type an @ neither with the Mac nor the Windows key combination, so I cannot log in.


So the most imporatant question: How do I get to the special keys on my keyboard that require the right Alt button




The other thing: When I am in the Shadow, I would like it to be completely Windows and all commands shall be interpreted as commands to the VM, Alt+Tab should change between windows on the VM, it actually changes between the Shadow (which runs in full frame) and another program running on the Mac.



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