Error: "No Internet connection detected A-599"

  • 23 April 2021
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I am trying to log in to my Shadow on the PC but I am receiving the above error. The application starts up, loads for a while then states “An issue happened during the update”. before prompting me to log in. At this point when I try to log in I will receive the no internet connection detected A-599 error.


My internet is working perfectly fine and I was just using my Shadow this morning. I have tried the beta launcher, reinstalling and restarting my PC, and I used the app on my phone which allows me to connect to my Shadow with no issues.

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1 reply

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Hey @PP2804 !
That means that shadow was unable to detect an internet connection which might also be DNS related in your case. Best would be restarting your modem and waiting in this case. If it doesn’t work by now and you have tried restarting the modem you should contact shadow support via your account page.