Extended Storage Performance - or rather lack thereof

  • 31 August 2021
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Anyone else still seeing horrible performance on Extended Storage?

I opened a ticket, but it just got bumped up to the senior engineers and then everyone went radio silent on me.  Seems to have started sometime in the last couple of months (I was playing something on Stadia for a while, when I came back I noticed it)

Horrifically slow throughput on reads and writes - to the point where even the main Steam application took upwards of a minute to switch tabs.  When doing all this from the primary disk, no issues at all - it only happens when I try to use the extended storage (D drive).


Datacenter: New York - My location: New York

Local App OS: MacOS

Application in Shadow: Everything on the D drive - even just deleting files takes 5x longer than from the C drive

Bandwidth: FiOS - seems to be clicking along above 500mbps based on SpeedTest


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Hey @MikeTalonNYC 
A few people are experiencing this behavior due to migration of the data on the file servers to other, new file servers. They are actively working on it, but that takes rather long. The only thing I can give you here is the information that compensation in form of shadow credit, for the inconvenience, is an option and you just have to ask support for that. Sadly nothing more we could do in this community forum. I hope you have a great day. 

Yeah, I kind of figured - just wanted to be sure it wasn’t just me.  Normally support would just say what you said and not have to escalate it to a senior tech LOL

I’m patient, I know they’re migrating and everything so the performance issues weren’t that muchof a shock.  I’ll just wait it out, but thanks for confirming it’s a known thing.