"Failed to detect game start"

  • 27 September 2020
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I tried searching for this exact message but no topics came up.


I attempt to launch a game from the Shadow app using an Android 11 phone. Instead of starting the game it goes to the Shadow desktop and gives me a "Failed to detect game start" message.


I can launch games from the desktop without any issues, just not through the app.


Any suggestions?


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4 replies

Same problem here :/

My workaround is to boot directly into steam big picture mode. So i can start all games with a gamepad or my razer kishi.


That’s exactly what I did (same pad too!). 

It works, just isn’t as convenient as loading the game directly from the app.

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You should open a ticket with support about that issue so they can look into it more. 

Hi, When I open the shadow app and choose one of my installed games. I get a failed to detect game start. The my steam installed games won't launch from the shadow home screen. Also when there is a update it sits on updating for ages not doing anything. Please help with these issues.