FPS and power setting issues

  • 29 May 2020
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I have been using Shadow for a while and I never had any issues. However, I think this started more or less recently, I have had big FPS issues in games that I really shouldn’t have any. First it started with WoW, where I can barely get 40-50 fps, and now also with League Of Legends, where I get around 30 fps on teamfights. I have found out that this seems to be because my power settings are set to “Balanced”, If I put it on High Perfomance, it seems to work out well with stable fps in most games. 


The issue is that I keep changing to High Perfomance but it changes my settings to Balanced automatically. At first I thought it changes them when I close Shadow, but now I changed it to High Perfomance, went into a League game, and when I was done it was back to Balance. 


I’m really lost on this, I need to have High Perfomance or I barely get 30 fps in games (Which still seems unsual for a high-end PC like Shadow Boost in games like League of Legends and WoW). So I’m wondering how to make the power settings stay in High Perfomance and if there is something wrong with my Shadow.


( My Graphics drivers are updated. I don’t have any internet issues, my ping is low and normal, no packet loss and everything is fine, so it’s not due to this. I have also checked the General Resolution Tips post about Improving Frame Rate In-Game and it’s not related to in-game settings or fps caps.)



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