General Resolution Tips

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Welcome to the one stop shop for all your resolution questions.


Shadow is a live stream, unlike that of Netflix and Hulu which can buffer, and thus streaming greatly depends on the strength of your internet connection. The stream quality also depends on how much bandwidth you have allocated to Shadow. We recommend setting your allocated bandwidth at 10 to 15 Mb/s lower than your highest download speed. By having a stable connection, you will experience less lag and stutter.


Here are some of our helpful help center articles to get you started:


If you ever experience BSOD, enable the Display Safe Mode in the launcher settings. Shadow will stop using your device’s resolution, which could be too high and cause the BSOD issue.


As a reminder, the resolution and refresh rate (Hz or fps) of your Shadow shouldn’t exceed your physical device. You can check & edit these settings in our Quick Menu or the Nvidia Control Panel if you have Display Safe Mode turned on. The resolution and refresh rate in-game must also match your screen. You'll have to disable any V-sync option available.

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