Graphics issue display wont change to 4k any more

  • 30 June 2021
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Asked over on Discord but so far no reply so thought i'd chuck it in here as well :) 

Application type (Windows) and ghost

Shadow Client Version (Official)

Local device CPU
i7 Extreme

Local device GPU
GTX 1060 3GB


and Shadow Ghost 

Datacenter location Paris

Connection speed Local 80mbps 

Description of issue

my display seems to be "stuck" on 1920x1080 - no matter what I change in the control panel (either through my ghost or on the pc) it simply will not allow me to use 4k. as soon as I select that, the screen goes full resolution but then all I can see is the top left corner and I can't select any options in game or in anything as they are (obviously) further down. so I have to wait for it to default back down. I can't get the screen to stay on my monitor in the settings it keeps diverting to the blade screen (that is set for 1920x1080) and as my games were all set at 4k I cant change them either ideas?
I may be able to run the games in some form of safe mode so might try that 


Date when problem appeared. about 3 days ago

Did you take any action(s) which could have created this problem? If so, what?


Do you recall any action(s) you took after it happened?


Do you use a VPN and/or antivirus?


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1 reply

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Its fixed itself :rolling_eyes:  No idea what was going on there but its ok now.