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  • 2 July 2022
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I resubbed to shadow this month and I was downloading rainbow six siege and it took considerably longer than it usually does also the download on steam was very choppy, then when I went to play the game I was waiting around in the lobby for at lease 3 to 4 minutes compared to when I had the 1080 there was no waiting at all. I want to play X Plane 11 but I fear the p5000 won’t be able to run it as smoothly as the 1080 did, is there a way for me to switch my card?

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At the moment, we do not offer any upgrades for your GPU. Later on this year, we will have hardware upgrades available. 


The Power Upgrade will be available for pre-order this summer and available for everyone from autumn on, while stocks last:


This will allow you to access the following hardware configuration:
- CPU AMD EPYC™ 7543P with 4 cores and 8 threads
- GPU Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 or AMD based on RDNA 2 (or equivalent)
- 16 GB of RAM


You can already register to be notified when the pre-orders go live in the coming weeks by filling out the form under this link:


(or equivalent)

part is problematic, as Shadow currently says

GeForce GTX 1080

Or equivalent

but obviously p5000 isn’t equivalent as these cards are built for different purposes. I’m considering upgrading, but the (or equivalent) is completely deterring me.

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Hi @partounian 

The P5000 is a 1080 with far more vram as they both share the same die and architecture (GP104) during manufacture. 

Cheers -Gelgoog

Maybe the performance differences is due to some other piece of the Shadow machine hardware or the driver differences? Or maybe it is the resources used to send the process & transmit the audio & video data to client machine from the Shadow?


Seems like regular gaming machines with a 1080 should be performing better than the results I get from Shadow.