GTA RP Fps drops

I am playing GTA Roleplay. If i move around, i am not able to aim good because i got very much fps drops.. They are going from 80 ( which is very low with settings all set to minimum) to 30-50. On an old comouter, its working much better.. What is the problem??


2nd thing is, that my microphone starts to make vrunchy sounds when i am talking sometimes. Mic is okay since in host OS it works perfectly.


Would really love to upgrade if the performance is better.. 1080 is way too outdated nowadays

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Hello @Kemo159 , sorry to hear that your FPS is dropping.


This can happen if your network is not stable enough. As a first step, I recommend checking out this help center article:


If your connection is still not optimal and you are getting mic quality issues as well as FPS drops, I recommend reaching out to our amazing Support Team from your account page so that they can help look into this further.

Hello. The fps do drop ingame, the video quality itself is fine. Gta shows the actual ingame fps.