Hardware In Machines

  • 17 September 2020
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When I did some research on the hardware, I noticed it is pretty old hardware in tech terms. The GPUs for example, are years old. Why is this? Will they upgrade them to newer hardware at some point? When will that be?

2 replies

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Are you talking specifically about Boost? As the Ultra and Infinite tiers are using the newest NVIDIA server-class GPUs available. The 30xx consumer GPUs release tomorrow, but the server variants aren’t here yet...not even NVIDIA itself is using Ampere in it’s own GeForce NOW service yet.

Yeah I know the newest one is just coming out. I thought there has been newer cards since the 2080 and Titan. I have boost because I have to. Only way to preorder. When I get activated, I'm going with infinite. I did the math between ultra or ultra with 512 more hdd and I figured it's better. The card is better too. Although, I watch some review of the card and they said it's more for stud like deep machine learning and I forget what else but it's not said to be a gaming card. I'm sure that's it's design but obviously you can game with it.