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  • 31 December 2021
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I’m located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Using Google Fiber. Since at-least Christmas (12/25/2021) I have been unable to maintain a connection to Shadow PC. Prior to this, I was getting less than 30 ms latency and 0% packet loss. Now I’m up to 60+ ms and 38% packet loss (see screen cap below). It’s so bad that Shadow disconnects me. I did the usually investigating on my local network (wireless vs. wired), connecting directly to the router etc. Generally getting excellent performance out of my ISP. So I dug a bit deeper, found the IPs for Shadow in California. 

Doing a traceroute there appears to be a network peering point having some issues. The tool I’m using is mtr and it continuously runs, so the 2nd screenshot of mtr is after an hour-ish. I assume they’ve been having these issues for awhile. What can be done? I’d like to use Shadow again. Anyone else in my city have the same problem?




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Hi there, I live in Sandy...waiting for the Google Fiber installed in our neighborhood to be available for purchase next year :grinning: .

Normally those intermediary ISP congestion points can be difficult to deal with, but in your case it appears that the congestion is happening with an ISP used by Shadow themselves (judging by that interconnect at hop 11). If I were you, I’d raise a ticket with Shadow and ask for investigation with that ISP.

If the congestion was happening “prior” to the Shadow ISP, you could potentially ask Google to route the traffic differently (I’m not sure how easy they are to work with)...but since it looks like it’s Shadow’s own ISP, start with them.

I’m still on Comcast, but can’t test Shadow to compare notes...I’m no longer a subscriber.