how do i use an external hard drive with premiere pro software

  • 5 April 2022
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i am trying to use an external hard drive with all my footage on with premiere pro on shadow but it wont see my hard drive

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Hello @markmooneyfilms,


If you are looking to use USB peripherals like hard drives, webcams, joysticks, HOTAS, flight sticks, and racing wheels, we do have some users that have been able to get them to work with Shadow.

We just can't guarantee that all are compatible, as it depends on your network connection. You need less than 30-35ms of latency so that USB peripherals have a chance of working properly with Shadow. If you have more than 30-35ms of latency, you might experience lag in your inputs.

You will also need access to USB 3.0 ports and high upload speeds to maintain a stable connection between Shadow, your PC, and the peripheral in order to transfer the inputs.

It'll be most likely impossible to run games or transfer large files from your external SSD or HDD. 

You'll need an extremely high download and upload speed to maintain the read/write speed from your hard drive to your PC to Shadow. As you can imagine, running a game or high intensive programs will take a lot of read/write speed on your hard drive itself and then you need to forward that over to Shadow which utilizes your network connection will require a stable and extremely high upload to run the game on your hard drive and download to ensure that your hard drive is still connected to Shadow and the feedback and game data are being transferred properly.


I recommend transferring your footage over using cloud storage like Google Driver, Dropbox, etc. first.