how does usb forwarding works?

  • 12 September 2020
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when forwarding a usb device do you suppose to get an acknowledgement back from shadow indicating your device is now connected?

3 replies

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Yes, did that, the confusion is about what happens when you check the forwarding box. How long do you have to wait to get the notification that your device is connected to shadow and ready to use. I ask this because i have recieved this before on one computer when going through the process. I changed computers and wanted to add the wheel and now I'm not getting the notification and the device is not working. Spent hours so far trying to get it to work. 

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Did you use that same wheel on a different computer with USB forwarding and Shadow, and it worked?

As I understand, there are many devices that don’t work when forwarded. Additionally, the latency has to be low for them to function correctly.

The only USB forwarding that I’ve tried, was using an XBO S controller connected to the proprietary USB dongle on a Mac. That worked, and I was able to see/use the XBO controller on the Shadow VM with all of the “Xbox features.” However, the connection was very flakey, and intermittently dropped.