How to Keep Your Shadow Healthy

  • 1 May 2020
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Shadow is your own high-end gaming PC in the cloud.


Like all PC’s and technology, basic maintenance will help to keep your Shadow running optimally and smoothly.


Here are some best practices we recommend to improve your Shadow experience:

  • Stick to one Shadow build. You are always welcome to test out our beta and alpha apps, but we do not recommend switching back and forth between the official, beta, or alpha. As Shadow utilizes different versions of our software components for each build, this can cause issues when you switch back and forth often. Please remember that our Support Team is unavailable to provide any assistance for both the beta and alpha apps.

  • Keep Windows and graphics drivers up to date on Shadow. This will ensure that your Windows installs and updates your Shadow with the latest security patches and service packs. These are broken down into Critical and Recommended updates. Installing the latest graphics driver can help improve the way your stream looks and feels.

  • Keeping your local device up to date. This goes for all devices: Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

  • Shutting down your Shadow when it's not in use to help keep Shadow and Windows performing exceptionally well.

  • Utilize the Disk Cleanup tool from Windows on Shadow to free up storage space.

  • Do not use a VPN, antivirus, or firewall with Shadow. A VPN whether it’s on your local device or Shadow can interfere with your connection to Shadow, as a VPN connects your device to a server over the internet rather than a direct connection to Shadow. Not all antivirus and firewall programs are compatible with Shadow, and some may prevent Shadow from performing as intended. We recommend only using the default Windows Security feature from Microsoft.


Practicing these tips to help improve and maintain your Shadow experience. Please remember that Shadow’s performance also depends on your local device and your connection to our data centers. 


What are some tips and tricks you practice to keep Shadow and your local device maintained? Please feel free to share with us by posting your own post!

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