How to leave Android TV beta

How do I opt out of the Android TV beta please?

There used to be an information page with the option to leave via the Beta Android TV link on the downloads page, but this beta link now leads to the Google play store - with no option to leave the beta program. It appears to be the same page as the normal Android TV app link.

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I solved this one myself. I couldn’t find the Android TV beta app or the link to leave using the Google play app on the Android TV (Sony Bravia), an IOS device, a iPadOS device, my PC (Windows 11), or MacOS. I came to the conclusion that I needed an Android device if I was ever going to see the link to the beta program and the option to leave.

I don’t have an Android phone or tablet, so I installed Bluestacks on my PC, and from there I finally found the link I needed to quit the beta program.

Attached - two screen shots showing what I was looking for…