I am getting lag spikes up to 2000 Ms?

  • 28 May 2020
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I have been getting lag spikes up to 2000 Ms sometimes at random that last for about 10-20 seconds and I am not sure what is causing them and how to fix it. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated!


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7 replies

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Hey dinorex! So this issue can be related to the back end. Make sure you restart your pc and router at home. 

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Hello @dinorex thanks for reaching out to the community about your issue,


Just soo I  understand a bit more. Is this on a 2.4GHz connection or 5? And are you using a wired ethernet connection or wireless? Also let me know what device you are working on.


I also suggest just taking a look at this support article that talks about latency issues lag, and connection problems. 


Let me know what happens.

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@Razorline I Have restarted PC and router multiple time and it has been happening for month now. @Sail I have a 5 GHz connection wifi. My device is a Lenovo IdeaPad L340. I will look at the article now thank you!

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These are often pretty difficult to track down, but it might be worth while to use something like ping plotter to see if the big spike in your ping is coming from somewhere on your route to shadow, somewhere inside of shadow, or at your home.  Unfortunately many of these issues are on the route to shadow and hard to get resolved (lately there’s a lot of congestion on the internet in general).

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Also try restarting your shadow aswell instead of your PC maybe just a bug.

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These might just be congestion and routing issues due to everyone staying at home and using their internet. Something that has unfortunately been an issue the past few months since lockdowns have started. 

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You could make a traceroute from your local PC to the Shadow IP when you have the high ping and make a screenshot of it. You could also make a screenshot of the Shadow Overlay (or Shadow Control Panel) so we could maybe see why that happens.


When you use Windows on your own device:

- Go to Shadow to your favorite browser and go to website

- remember the 'My Public IPv4' address

- now go to your local PC and push the Windows key on your keyboard and type 'cmd' and return

- now a black window aopears. Please now write (and replace 'IP' to the remembered 'My Public IPv4' address):

tracert IP

- wait till it's finished, make a screenshot of it and send it here. When you want you could make the Shadow IP unrecognizable