i cant resubscribe

  • 11 January 2023
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How do I resubscribe to get back my account because the subscription was cancel.

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You can resubscribe from your account page. 


If you cancel and your subscription cycle ends, and you decide to resubscribe your will need to wait for activation and will be provided a new Shadow. For your reference, we do not keep your data on our data centers once your subscription has been terminated/cancelled as the data will be deleted.


For example, if your subscription Period is January 1st - February 1st and you decide to cancel on January 3rd, but you decide to resubscribe on February 2nd, then you will have to wait for activation and then be provided with a new Shadow.


If there is an issue, please contact our Support Team from your account page so the team can look into this further. 

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Yes but my problem is that when i went to resubscribe the website is just loading non stop