Impossible to log in launcher in via navigator

  • 9 August 2022
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I dont know why, I can’t coonect to my shadow launcher today. Yesterday I had no trouble. 


But today, as I try to launch it, it asked me to connect via navigator. Which I did, but nothing changed.


Is there any fix?



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5 replies

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To resolve this issue, can you make sure to type your email in all lowercase? Should that not work, please reach out to the Support Team from your account page so that they can help look into this further.

Yes I have,


And Yes I have also, unfortunatly, I don’t have any fix at the moment and I am still waiting, 


Will there be any compensary indemnisation as I am not able to use the product I’m paying for ?



I and others are having the same issue a.t.m its SUPER annoying.

I can't even access my shadow.

It just keeps redirecting me back and forth from the launcher and browser asking me to sign in.

Like I don't like paying to look at a login screen 🤔.

Just got a new laptop as my old one packed in. 

Can’t use shadow as I'm in the browser login loop. Only got the laptop to use shadow… 

Shadow support sent this list of potential fixes.

  1. Check that your date and time are properly synced.
  2. Reset your browser’s permissions or try a different browser.
  3. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
  4. Start an incognito or private browser session.

For me as i am using a new laptop, out of the box today. The time was not synced up. 

Hope this helps,