In-Game Sensitivity is Incorrect

  • 11 June 2020
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This is something that just started happening over the last week or so.

I realized one day that my aim and sensitivity was extremely slow in Apex Legends. I typically run 800 DPI, default windows sensitivity, and 1.9 in game on Apex, which is roughly 27.3cm / 360. When I measured my mouse distance after noticing the slower sensitivity, it was almost exactly half, or 27.3cm / 180. I tested 4 other FPS games, and all had the same issue.

I checked every setting on my local and Shadow PC, nothing has been changed, and I even installed Apex on my local PC, with all the same settings, and my sensitivity was fine, so I know it’s an issue with Shadow. Also, changing the sensitivity on the Shadow control panel changed my sensitivity on the desktop, but not in-game.

I realize that I can temporarily solve the issue by just doubling my in-game sensitivity, or doubling my DPI, but I would like to solve the issue, as I use sensitivity converters for FPS games, and having to use incorrect settings would complicate this.

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3 replies

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Have you deactivated mouse accaleration in windows?


I emailed them about this and gave me some shitty explanation and told me to ‘just get an ethernet cable’. I clearly stated that this is a shadow problem but they completely ignored it and still said to use a ethernet cable. I used GeForce Now and it feels completely fine and feels so much better than shadow.

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The same thing happened to me, they made me unplug my internet and connect my wireless mouse via cable instead, lastly, they made me download the beta version of Shadow because an update would be pushed out to fix this issue there, but nothing yet, I was thinking I might have to reset my pc but after using GeForce now and all the games feeling fine I realized it was shadow.