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  • 11 July 2020
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This is my first time posting on this forum! :)


I have an odd problem. I play a few games on Shadow, but my main game is Overwatch (the others are also FPS games with the same problem). My issue is major input lag. When I first launch the game, for 30-45 seconds, no input lag, but after that, when I move my mouse, about 400ms after, the cross hair moves. The weird part is that if I tab out of the game (it’s still running) and reopen it, the lag goes away for another 30-45 seconds. Happens every time to all the games I tried (Apex, Fortnite, GTA V even an aim trainer I found on Steam).

It has started about 2 months ago. I’m told that it’s the influx of people overloading their servers, but I’m hoping there’s another explanation/fix.

To make this more interesting, I also use GeforceNow. ZERO issues. No input lag or any problems. 


On my end, I’m connected via Ethernet; 500mb/s up and down. I have an i7 and a 1060 Windows machine. I have like zero storage for games, which is why I use Shadow (among other reasons). 


If anyone can help me, that would be amazing!





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This is possibly an issue that was fixed in our beta application, please test out the beta app and let us know of your findings.

You can download the beta application at 

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Can you please tell me who your ISP is and what router you have? 

I have Frontier running on the Asus RT-AC66U B1

Strangely this is exactly the kind of problem I have. For example I play Rainbow Six Siege and for a couple of seconds up to a minute everything is buttery smooth. But then you can feel the lag coming up. When you open the Shadow Menu and change bandwith to something els and back or you alt + tab or do something with the stream it goes away for a moment and then it comes back. This is very frustrating since I think it is not hardware related (I've bought a completly new laptop for this and still it has the same issues.). Is there some buffering or throttling going on with the Windows app of Shadow? As far as I have tested this problem is not occuring when using Shadow on Linux (on the same 2 Windows laptops I have problems with in Windows 10).


My experience shows that games installed on the auxiliary drive, extended solution that Shadow Tech offers, gives variable latency that impact the playability of these games into unplayable state.

At the moment I have this games running,

  • World of Warships unplayable. This through EU, NA and Test servers for World of Warships. Restart stream do not help here.
  • My Time At Portia semi unplayable due to its gaming phases are mostly not real time and play wise can be manipulated by accessing menus and then Restart stream, with 8 out of 10 this works for a duration of 30s to an hour, and it’s all over again.

Games installed in the origin, default MS Windows drive, like Star Citizen are playable. Same was World of Warships before moving, reinstalling on the auxiliary drive.

At the moment I can only imagine, based on my experience, what hassel and unplayable a true FPS MMO game will act, if installed on the auxiliary drive at the moment.

Question are why and are this to be normal or as expected?

At this moment, my frustration has gone to the edge, and has only started to search for clues and solutions to this issue, when I stumbled over this post here. 

Thanks for bringing this topic to the table.

Now when I writing this, it may be two sided though; one through the default OS drive, and one through the auxiliary drive? Okay, time will show what it may be.

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This is possibly an issue that was fixed in our beta application, please test out the beta app and let us know of your findings.

You can download the beta application at 

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Did you try to do a tracert from your local to Shadow?

Things i do to reduce my input lag on California Data Center with 74ms on Shadow:

(i have 29ms on Texas dc so i dont have to do that)


Connected via Ethernet of course

i use TimerResolution to reduce to 0.500 milliseconds

Setting up in the Nvidia Panel Control custom seettings to Shadow Launcher, Adaptive Vertical Sync, 1 pre render frame and Ultra on Low Latency mode.


I can feel the difference using that but may you have a connection problem that makes your input lag very very noticeable.