Input not working after tablet driver install

  • 4 August 2020
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I was wondering if anyone might have a clever solution to my input problem. I tried to install the drivers for my pen display tablet hoping that I could forward it like other USB devices. Unfortunately, not only could I not do that, but installing the drivers disabled my input devices completely outside of the ability to ctrl alt del to get to that window but I can't use the menu to get access to task manager because my inputs don't work.

Any ideas as to how I might try to get it working again? Normally I would just boot into safe mode and delete the offending drivers but this is impossible as far as I know with Shadow and the only thing support was able to provide was an FTP link to download my files (which didn't include my 1.25TB storage drive) and then a factory reset. I can still access the quick launch menu inside of shadow and I see it has the ability to add controllers. Would it be worth buying a controller and trying to use that as an input?

If anything, hopefully this will be a cautionary tale. Don't try to install a pen display on Shadow, it doesn't work and can wreck everything.

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