Insanely bad mouse input lag

  • 19 March 2021
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this is a very recent problem i have been having trouble with where I would have a huge noticeable input delay and my mouse sensitivity will change while doing it as well. its so much easier to show than explain but I didn't have this problem last week and it started Sunday and I thought it would eventually fix itself but turns out it never did. i have a 400 down and 100 up internet speed connected via ethernet. its kinda hard to play my games and produce music while having this problem as well lol. 

i mostly use 1600 x 900 120 fps just cause my local pc cant run 1080p 120 fps

I've tried switching between versions of shadow to see if that would work or even switching the resolution as well and nothing fixes it, I've also used the unlock mouse feature which does work but in games its spazzes out when looking around. 

idk if this is even any information I'm just typing to type at this point lol but if anyone could help me out lmk :) <3

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Hey @Sylo ,

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