iOS mouse keyboard mostly dont work

  • 27 April 2021
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I use shadow with an Ipad pro. I use bluetooth mouse and bluetooth keyboard. Since 2 weeks I have trouble with the usage of them. Most of the time (9/10 cases) after I start the Shadow App and enter the streamed screen, neither mouse nor keyboard are recognized. Only possibility I found so far is, that I shut down the Shadowcomputer and restart. After like 10 tries mouse and keyboard work.

In iOS both devices work without any trouble.

When they‘re recognized, they work without any trouble.

Until two weeks ago it always worked at first boot.

I tried another mouse. Same problem. Dont have another keyboard to try it.

Dont know, if any kind of update happend since then. I have iOS 14.4.2


Any ideas how to fix that? Super annoying, if I have to restart that often just to use the whole thing.

3 replies

Are you using an external monitor by any chance?

I am finding I have better luck having my mouse + keyboard work when I start up and connect purely on my iPad screen, then plugin in my monitor and clicking the popup box to confirm I want Shadow to switch to the external screen. More often than not, my mouse + keyboard work then.

But if I login to the shadow box with the external screen alrady connected, normally I find the mouse + keyboard do not respond. You can however do 3 finger swipe up so you can close the Shadow window, or alt+tab out of it.


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“The steps I recommend is to unplug any USB-C hub from your iPad, then open  your Shadow app to the homepage, and finally plug your USB-C hub with HDMI + Mouse + Keyboard attached to it or bluetooth M&K. The streaming session should start on the external screen with peripherals operational.”

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