iPad cursor and windows cursor showing up at the same time on Windows

  • 1 March 2023
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While using Shadow on iPad both the iPad cursor and Windows cursor show up at the same time. They are both there at the Windows desktop and while playing games. It use to be only when I would accidentally hit the escape key they would both show up, but now it is always like this as soon as I load Shadow with out touching anything. I have tried everything to correct this issue, nothing seems to help. I have tried both the normal release and beta release, both do the same thing. I See others in here that are having the same issue and seem to be getting no help. It is a real issue that needs to be fixed.

4 replies

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Hi @dozx 

I have that issue too… Please put in a ticket to support so that they can help with a solution. 

We’re either of you able to get a resolution on this. It is happening to me today and this is the first time. Never been an issue before. 

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@Hebredes Shadow just launched a new update for the ipad to address the cursor.

I have yet to verify if it fixes this issue. -Gelgoog

Awesome news! I will log in and check it out. Thank you for the reply! @Gelgoog