iPhone external display and peripherals support

Basically, I'm due to revive access to my configuration come Dec this year. I'm without a pc currently and really only need this for light work and gaming mainly. I currently have an iPhone 12 mini, and was wondering if I'd be able to reliably run AAA games at responsible framerates using Bluetooth peripherals, a monitor and the apple lighting to AV hdmi adapter. Or would this just be unacceptable, since I've read the iPhone AV output is more of a ‘presentation’ mode rather than true external support. Also would the peripherals connect easily enough and not cause too much lag? Thanks.

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The shadow ios client supports one external screen

the apple av adapter caps at 1080p60.  

you can use Bluetooth kb&m


Disclaimer - I do not own the iPhone 12 mini, but…. I used to use shadow via my iPad Pro using an external monitor, same way you are, and it worked fine for me. It’s better using a Mac desktop, but you shouldn’t have any issues.

For the Bluetooth, it depends on your upload speed. I use a bluetooth keyboard, mouse and headset. All work well for me, part from some disconnection issues but that is my Mac and NOT shadow.