Is Optimum throttling my connection?

  • 29 March 2021
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Went from a lag free experience with Verizon FiOS to Optimum's gigabit plan (moved houses). Connection speeds are still great and I’m even wired to my router this time -- but Shadow is barely functional. Screen resolution us super choppy and everything just lags.

5 replies

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I like using (selecting the “Compare Frame Rates: Video Game Motion”) for assessing stream performance, as it’s a simple way to generate “activity” without launching a game.

Can you provide a screenshot of your Quick Menu (WIN+ALT+O) while running the test in fullscreen? It will look like this:



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Here it is. Definitely not getting anything above 6mbps. I tried running Shadow from my work PC (slower internet and via wifi) and it worked perfectly fine. 

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Yeah, that’s definitely’s hard to tell what’s going on there.

If you restrict the bitrate to something very low (say 1 or 5 Mbps) does the performance become more stable? It’ll be crappy [visual] quality, but good to know if it smooths out.

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Yea, lowered it to 5 Mbps and the quality took a dump and became even less stable.

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It might help to run ping plotter for 300 seconds to see if there is something funny about going on with your route……