• 5 September 2020
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Recently whilst I start up shadow I get audio stutter. I try to restart the stream but it freezes. I have to ctrl alt del to close the window then start the stream again that way. That fixes the issue, but it’s a pain doing that every time. It also freezes like this when i’m shutting down shadow too.


My direction keys seem like they’re sticking whilst I’m playing a game, pubg or apex for example. I have turned off the sticky keys on both machines. Sometimes it gets so bad it makes the games unplayable. Support told me to turn it off and on again, it didn’t help.


Is anybody else having these issues or know of a fix for them?


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4 replies

Launcher v4.16.6

Client v3.3.17

Same here. Got packet loss and audio stutter every few seconds, after this garbage update.


Launcher v4.16.6

Client v3.3.17

I used to get some serious lag too. I changed to "prefer speed" to fix that issue. 

It should be a non issue as I have gigabit speeds plugged in. My laptop is no slouch either. 

Trust me, I’ve tried/changed everything in my home and on my pc. Nothing helped and I still got the damn audio stutter and packet loss. Everything worked fine, before this update came.