Kansas Speedtest? Choppy Audio and Video?

  • 1 August 2020
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Got a weird one. I’m subscribed to the Santa Clara datacenter but when I use to check my connection it immediately routes to some location in Kansas. Is that where my datacenter actually is? This is why that matters to me:


I am having ridiculous latency issues. To be fair, there are certainly people with worse connections, but I need to understand why mine is so bad. It jumps between 25 and 400, hovering between 35 and 150 most often. Packet loss doesn’t seem bad, but the performance tells me that there is something wrong. I am having severe audio and video choppiness. The video frames are skipping and the audio cuts out so badly I can’t understand anything that is going on in games or videos.


I tested my home internet connecting to a Los Angeles server on Speedtest with a result of 14 ping, 115 down, and 9.5 up. Not great, but it should be good enough for Shadow. I ran Speedtest on Shadow and it connected to Kansas. 42 ping, 962 down, 29 up. Again, should be great. It’s not. 


WTF Shadow. 


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I think you might want to have a look at

to gather some information and tools to use for diagnosis.

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My Shadow is in Santa Clara as well, and wants to use Kansas for me too, but you can re-point it to a Santa Clara endpoint. I don’t think the Kansas “matching” means anything. What you really want to interrogate, is the Internet path from your location to the Santa Clara Shadow infrastructure. It’s already known that their data centers are providing 1Gb down / 100Mbps up for the VMs themselves.