Keyboard Issues

  • 2 October 2020
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After updating to Win10 2004, and updating the video driver, my keyboard shortcuts for shadow no longer work. I love WIN+ALT+F and it now does nothing.


Also sometimes my keyboard acts as if it is stuck in Shadow. Press one key for a very long time.


Should I have not updated to 2004 yet? Was the graphic driver update a bad idea?


Any advise is welcomed.


Also I had my Shadow reset once. When I logged back into it afterward it was in the wrong timezone, and wrong country! Was this something I did somehow?


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2 replies



I found my keyboard issue!!!


My Logitech G815 has a ‘game mode’ key. It has been pressed somehow at some point and I didn’t realize it. This disables the WIN key so as to not interrupt gaming.


With that turned off again, everything seems to be working fine now.


Sorry to have bothered anyone.

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