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  • 15 September 2021
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Hey, got shadow yesterday for the first time and can’t say I am massively impressed at the moment, seem to be getting lots of lag from what I can see, not sure if it’s my equipment I’m using or my internet connection or it just the way shadow is, running shadow through my nvidia shield and my TV, spoke to shadow and they said it could be the shield as it’s not fully compatible at the moment, anyone else using this device and working perfectly?, I’ve switched my TV to game mode that doesn’t improve things either, if I have to go and buy different equipment to get the perfect shadow experience I will but just seeing if anyone has any reasons what it could be, might be a easy fix out there, thanks for ya help. 

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5 replies

Anything to try etc before I cancel the service?. 

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Use ethernet if you are on wifi. Run a speed test from your shield tv to your local shadow data center to see if you meet the minimum requirements. Perhaps do a tracert to determine if you have any bad hops. -Gelgoog

Do you use your equipment or your or equipment from your isp?

I’ve actually cancelled it now as had no replies for anything to try and the service was dire so laggy and not worth the £30/month with that experience, they did say I had some packet loss but speeds were around 40-60Mb, I’m also using that router provided by my ISP, I’m guessing the laggy experience I had isn’t normal then?. Thanks. 

Any further help on from what I last put?. Thanks.