Latency and connection problems

  • 7 July 2022
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Hi, I’ve been using Shadow for about a week and everything was workin great until a few days ago. I can connect no problem using the windows and android clients, but I am unable to connect using the Shadow VR app and Virtual Desktop on Oculus Quest 2. Occasionally Virtual Desktop will connect after a long wait but it’s unusable with very high latency.


I didn’t change any settings on my end and no problems with local bandwidth so I guess this is a problem at Shadow’s end? Latency was around 23ms up until this started a couple days ago.

Any help very much appreciated

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1 reply

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Hi @avaxtasulta,

At the present (7/11/2022) Virtual Desktop is not playing well with shadow. If you uninstall virtual desktop, you should see shadow vr functionality restored and working. -Gelgoog.