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  • 27 September 2020
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Been trying to get latency down. I went as far to hook my modem directly into the outside isp line from the ground and directly to my pc and latency remained unchanged, around 25ms on my pc and around 50ms in the Shadows quick menu. My latency inside the shadow PCs quick menu is consistently around 50ms. When I test my latency inside the shadow PC using the latency test on Shadows website, I select the Chicago server (closest) and it shows my latency around 2ms. Is that normal or is it possible they have my server set to one much farther away? When I choose say California and run the test it puts my latency in the test around 50ms. Typical latency on my PC alone wired is around 25ms without the router.  Down 100mbps/upload 10mbps. Any help would be appreciated. 


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Latency is not a “fixed” thing, but rather a measure of distance.

When you perform the Shadow speed test from your local computer, the latency should be roughly the same as the “Quick Menu” overlay stats, assuming you’re correctly choosing the data center where your Shadow VM is located.

Performing the Shadow speed test from within your Shadow VM is nonsensical, because both of those endpoints are in the same location, which is why that latency is so low.

When you say the “latency on my PC alone wired is around 25ms,” you need to define “to what.” Latency will vary depending on what (and more specifically, where) you’re connecting to across the Internet.

If you’re already using Ethernet locally, “changing things around there” are not going to have a significant impact.

Does this make sense?

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Another kind tip is to check what your ISP is doing. Are they using fibre optic? Is it a high-speed plan? Are you using ethernet or wifi? 


Those few things make a MAJOR difference when using your shadow. 

I suggest reading Shaowds support article here.


Try reaching out to your ISP for help if your NETWORK is having latency issues. If its shadow, shoot us a reply back and I can try to troubleshoot for you.