Latency in Chicago vs. NY

  • 1 June 2020
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  • Windows 10 client

  • Shadow Client Version Official

  • Local device CPU: Intel i5 6500T

  • Local device GPU Intel HD Graphics 530 

  • Datacenter location Chicago

  • Connection speed 600 MBS

The main idea of this post is to to help me understand things I can try to reduce the latency to Chicago, I live in Minnesota, and am on the Chicago server.  I consider get just over 50 MS latency.  When I test New York, I am always just over 30 MS. I contacted support officially, and there is a way to move me to New York but it requires activating a new account and what not.  I am much closer physically to Chicago.  In general, my service is playable and I like it, but I don’t understand why New York would be better when it is further away.  What would folks suggest to improve my latency to Chicago?  


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McRib you make me hungry. 

Are you on spectrum by chance? There regional routing in this area is bad. Since your ISP controls your routes, your two options are to complain to them or move to the NY DC.

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Unfortunately, this might be just due to routing issues with the ISPs maintaining the routes and overall congestion generally. Your best bet would be to call your ISP and talk with them, or move to the New York data center. 

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Based on your report here I could almost tell you exactly where you are located, and Darasin is right if that is the case.  This is a somewhat known issue, however not everyone in support will be familiar with it.  I’d recommend when talking to support about it be specific.  “I have routing that just doesn’t work for Chicago, making New York the only option for me” and showing them the traces.  The more information you can have together the better off you will be.  That being said moving to another Data Center isn’t an easy thing, the process for Shadow to do it if they actually do it, is time consuming and you will lose all your data anyway.  Honestly, getting in line with NY by just starting another account is your best option if you want to move.