Latency Issues still

  • 27 February 2023
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i live just two hours from Dallas Texas and since 4 or 3 months ago the ping is off the charts at 92 and my jitter is around 48 its not on my end, i have 113 download and 41 upload have had tech come out replace my router and all new lines,this is on shadows end somewhere in there routing i have seen im not the only 1 having issues with the Texas server, for the price this needs to be fixed.

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1 reply

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Sorry to hear that you’re facing lag issues @shadowlurker99. It looks like you currently have the Power Upgrade. Please note, the Power Upgrade is not available in our Texas Data center, which is why you have been moved to the Washington DC data center that has the Power Upgrade available. Being further away from the Texas data center will cause higher latency for your connection. If you have any specific questions about your account or subscription, please contact the Support Team from your account page and they will be happy to address your concerns.