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  • 28 November 2021
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Hello, I have shadow for several years. And I have had a problem for a few days.

When I play Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer, I have latencies for a few seconds when in game. I don't know where it came from. I tested on my FIBER connection (900 mega constant) and on the connection from a friend's house, the same with another operator with 600 mega constant.

I don't understand why I have this latency, it happens randomly in the game, in the middle of games.

It is sure that it does not come from my connection.

Do you have any ideas ?

Good day.

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1 reply

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Hello. Shadow recommends using ethernet when trying to play on Shadow. 

You can try using TCP or UDP in the launcher to see if that helps, you can also try to lower your bitrate and see if your stream becomes more stable. In the quick menu, your packet loss graph should be always at 0 and your latency graph should almost always be consistent. If it is not, then there is something going on with your network, I recommend restarting your modem/router. If that still doesn’t help you can feel free to consult other resources (and many many posts about this) on this forum or contact Shadow Support if you want direct assistance. 

I hope that helps)