Latency spikes between 200-400ms every 10 minutes on-the-dot?

  • 12 July 2022
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My normal latency is around 8-9ms, but then for some reason, the game I’m playing slows to a crawl or even freezes when I get this latency spike of anywhere between 200ms to 400ms and sometimes as high as 500ms, every 10 minutes. You can see from the screenshot how it’s regular as clockwork.

I use ethernet direct to the router and have a FTTP 400Mbps connection. I’ve also run PingPlotter and can see it’s coming from my side of the router.

Can anyone hazard a guess as to what could be causing this? Anyone with experience trying to nail this type of issue down?

Something on my local machine?

Some other IoT device on my network?




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4 replies

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Hi @pinstrypsoldier,

If you are familiar with ping plotter here are some suggestions that might be worth checking. Is your ISP provided router running a Intel Puma Chipset series 6 or 7? If so they are known to have un-patchable hardware defects built into them. Otherwise some things to explore are inline switches or HUBS. Yes, I capitalized hubs as if you had any HUB hardware on your network I would recommend replacing with a switch. Also checking your networking cable to ensure none of the ends are pulled or damaged due to accidental pulling as that will damage the shielding on the cables and could turn them into am/fm receivers accidentally (happens more then you think). 

More exotic possibilities for you to explore if the above does not match your issue. 

Another possibility is exploring network storm traffic or accidental loops due to a ethernet cable being plugged back into the same switch. (I doubt this is the issue but its worth looking into). Checking if your router has quality of service and enabling that with a focus on shadow services getting priority so your line does not get saturated. Just some ideas to explore next steps. 


Hi @Gelgoog and apologies for the delayed response,

I did a PingPlotter test on both my local machine to the Shadow IP and vice versa. It’s doesn’t look as though the issue is within my network though.  However, I’m not all that familiar with the application so I don’t really know what I’m looking at!

Either way. I’ve passed on the screenshots of them to my ISP and they’ve given me the standard BS response of “Reboot everything on your network” which I did and it didn’t help.

So, not really sure what else to do now?

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Hi @pinstrypsoldier 

If you have your results send in a ticket to shadow support and include logs from the client along with your ping plotter results. Shadow would have a lot more weight talking to inline ISP’s to get their act together than a single customer. Let support do the work for you! -Gelgoog



I wouldn’t have thought Shadow themselves would end up speaking with my ISP, would they??