Latest upgrade broke Nimbus+ support?

  • 11 February 2021
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The latest update to my Shadow installation on macOS to Client v.3.9.5 and App Launcher 4.22.9, which auto-loaded today as I was attempting to access Shadow, seems to have broken support for the SteelSeries Nimbus+ controller, whether via Bluetooth or plugged in. The connection was working fine before this update. I tested the controller with non-Shadow games and it’s definitely working and connecting with the Mac.


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12 replies

I can confirm this behavior. I just bought a Nimbus+ specifically for Mac gaming but no luck. Definitely works with other games. 

Same issue here. I’m using the Nimbus+ on Mac and the controller is no longer showing up in Shadow after the update. I’ve tried to forget the device in Bluetooth settings and re-pair. Shows up and works fine locally on my Mac but not in Shadow.

Hope this is on somebody’s radar for a fix soon. There may not be many of us Nimbus+ users, but it was working before and isn’t now. Was really enjoying Shadow with the Nimbus+, but this is weeks now and still no fix.

Since my last post, learned of Shadow’s bankruptcy filing. Guessing the last thing on the team’s minds right now is fixing issues with niche controllers used in macOS. Oh, well, it was fun for the few weeks it was useful. My timing was just bad, I guess.

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@Phobos Yes, did see that and have been following the whole story on the subreddit as well. Pretty much is why I said the last thing. Just don’t want to keep paying for something I can’t use, but I certainly understand why it’s not likely this will be fixed.

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@bwintx You will not pay for the service when you cannot use it. IF shadow shuts down, every subscription will probably get terminated.. At least I wouldn’t know where it would be legal to just take the users money without providing service. The CTO and Co-Founder were/are very optimistic that shadow will continue. 

@Phobos I know the service will probably continue in some form. (My ISP is in bankruptcy right now, but my Internet access remains fine, at least for now.) What I meant was that, with Shadow no longer supporting my particular controller choice and likely not spending scarce resources to fix whatever caused this problem on such a niche choice of devices, Shadow becomes of no use to me. I don’t need it just for Windows. I already have Parallels for that. I got Shadow simply for Windows gaming on my Mac and, with the recent loss of support for the Nimbus+ controller, I can’t use it for that any longer. So I hope that clarifies why I said what I did.

Hello bwintx,


Thanks for reporting this bug about your SteelSeries Nimbus+ Controller.


We have released a fix to the Alpha application, visit any of our official Discord servers, accept the rules, and select the appropriate emote in our #roles channel.

Choose your preferred language below to join:



If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to reply back in this thread.


@Steve from Shadow Thanks for that word. I use Discord often but found that particular “channel” unusually difficult to navigate, so I’ll just ask here: how long does it generally take a software version to get from alpha to beta and finally into production? I am willing to reactivate my subscription before expiration (Apr. 4) if it’s likely to happen by then. I understand that there’s no way to know for sure, given the nature of both alpha- and beta-testing. Thanks.

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How do they know if it fixes your issue if you never try it? Why would they release it if they don’t know if it fixes the issue? If nobody ever tests it and confirms that the fix works, then could be a while before they release the ‘fix’.

Here’s the message from the pinned messages in the #alpha channel on discord, for you. I would still recommend that you join that channel on discord, though.



@Thortok2000 Good point, and thanks for passing that along. I did try the Alpha and it does restore Nimbus+ compatibility. I will report that on the appropriate Discord channel, as well. (cc @Steve from Shadow )