Mac Logitech Gaming Mouse - Won't Detect

  • 28 August 2021
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Hi everyone,

Quick question to see if anyone has been able to get this to work. I’ve got a Logitech G602 with programmable buttons on the side. It’s great for MMO gaming, which I’m doing on my Shadow. The only problem is, that I it never recognizes that it’s a Logitech mouse to be able to customize the buttons in the Logitech gaming software. The basic functionality of my mouse and keyboard move over just fine, but it’s unable to detect any specific details on my drivers.

I’m coming from a MacBook Pro 13” where I’m able to run the software just fine to adjust the macros. Just running into issues getting the Shadow to see that it’s a gaming mouse, and not just a generic mouse driver.

Anyone been able to get this to work at all?


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Hey @JDiggyDawg 
You should be able to use any mouse on shadow if your local device recognizes it. You have to run mouse software like Logitech G-Hub for example on your local device tho, as the mouse on your shadow is just a virtual mouse which cannot be detected by the software, so you can’t configure it.