Mac, Shadoe, Fanatec Racing Wheel

  • 16 December 2020
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I am currently using a 2017 MacBook Pro to run my Shadow Boost. Unfortunately I made the mistake of updating to Big Sur. My problem/concern is that I will not be able to use my new Fanatec racing wheel for two reasons.

  1. My new Big Sur version MacBook will not allow USB forwarding of the Fanatec wheel. I hear that VirtualHere is a great solution if I downgrade my OS to 10.14 (VirtualHere supports up to 10.14)
  2. Fanatec only offers drivers for Windows. So I can’t install the drivers on my Mac and I would only be able to do so my Shadow. I’m worried this will affect/not allow me to use my wheel if the software is not on my Mac which the wheel is plugged into.

My current hope is to revert my Mac to 10.14 and use VirtualHere. But I’m worried that I won’t get the any/total use out of my brand new racing setup if I don’t have the drivers installed on my Mac.

Another option would be to install Boot Camp on my Mac. If I do this, I theoretically could install Fanatec Drivers and have the USB be forwarded through Shadow and could finally use my Fanatec Wheel without having to use VirtualHere. But I’m not 100% sure if this would work at all.

Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated!!

PS. My upload speed is 150 mbs.

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