MacOS BETA download broken

  • 7 March 2023
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  • Application type Mac Monterray 12.6.3

  • Shadow Client Version Official

  • Local device CPU Intel i5

  • Local device GPU Intel HD Graphics 6000

  • Datacenter location DC

  • Connection speed (Datacenter speed tests Your links are broken


I can tell from the related topics that there is some major issues with USC/Peripherals and MacOS going on for what years? That is how I started my Quixotic adventure. I have a mouse with extra buttons to configure and Shadow does not seem to recognize them or I am otherwise unable to key bind them. I will look for an answer to that but I noticed when trying to download the MacOS Beta (which was recommended) that my Macbook is rejecting the download as broken and unfixable. Any intel on that?

That then led me to the “Help Center” where I could not find a single article on any-keyword I could think of. So the “Help Center” has no articles on any subject no matter what. Look at the script and Dev Notes I could not see any issues for my browser. Then the 3rd party chat bot that will not stop popping up on my screen. It cannot perform tasks it lists itself. I checked the logs on that  - it has not been patched in a while. Total error fest and a giant security issue for the website.

What gives? Such a great product but this website is a wreck and getting any support is community driven only and to see topics 2 years old... I’m not here to pee in the cornflakes so please tell me I am wrong. 

1 reply

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Sorry to hear that you are unable to download the macOS Beta app for Shadow. Have you tried using a different browser to see if that helps? 


Can you reach out to our Support Team from your account page, if the issue persists?