Major Audio glitching since this new update

  • 5 September 2020
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Since this latest client update I am getting constant audio stutter, within games and even when simply playing a video of YT. Nothing has changed on my end and it worked flawlessly before yesterdays update. States in the update note changes to the audio to use less CPU but whatever was done has now broken it completely. This is a standard laptop running Windows 10. I’ve tried restarting Shadow and my laptop and altering the bandwidth settings makes no difference, this needs looking into or simply reverting back to the previous client or at least make the pervious one available because as it stands the service isn’t fit for purpose, shame as Shadow is the best of the best for Cloud Services.

31 replies

I didn’t even start the official client. I just directly downloaded the beta and it deleted the official version. The beta version I am running now is 1.4.15. It’s working, so I am just gonna let the beta installed. I am using prefer speed, like I used to.

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@ameleke do you have the “high quality audio” option checked?

It is interesting to me how our experiences are quite varied.

I take my words back about the ‘’high quality’’ box checked and no stutters. I just tried it again with the high quality box checked. The audio is glitching/stuttering a bit. No packet loss though. Unchecked I got no stutters and no packet loss. Before the update I had no issues at all with the high quality box checked or unchecked.


Support helped address my issue by applying an update and meusing the beta. They said I should be able to use the stable version which I will try later. 

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I am still experiencing the same reported issues, I hope in the not too distant future there is another client update and these issues are resolved as they are very bad now. Constant audio drop-outs when running with UDP (prefer speed) and major screen tearing/break up with TCP (prefer reliability). None of these occurred prior to the client change as stated. I’ve taken a look at the beta and downloaded it again today to confirm the beta is actually the identical same version as the current client, no idea why it is on the website and listed as a beta unless the versioning for the file hasn’t been updated and it is a new release, weird.

I had the exact same issues with the sound playing over UDP. And TCP was literally unbearable with major (up to 1000 ms) drops and tearings. Can confirm that switching to Beta version fixed the sound glitches for me. Tried it yesterday, had no issues running over UDP with Audio quality set to Regular.

BETA | Launcher v4.17.14 | Client v3.4.61