Massive input delay on Sony Bravia TV

  • 8 January 2022
  • 2 replies

Hey! So I'm really struggling here. I can hook up an Xbox controller to my phone and play no problem, no input delay, but when I run shadow through the app on my Sony Android TV, all is fine until I start a game, at which point, input delay becomes huge, almost 2 seconds...I've tried using a wired USB controller aswell as Bluetooth, it makes no difference...I've put the TV in 'game mode' too, no difference. I'm getting so frustrated with it, someone please help...

2 replies

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Hi @Djm1504djm1504 

Have you tried hooking up ethernet to your tv?

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Hi @Djm1504djm1504, I had something similar and after oogling and googling, an improvement was made on my Philips Android TV by switching the TVs Picture mode settings to Gaming.

Have a look on your machine, as it has several presets such as movie, picture, personal, standard, game, …
Depending on that, your TV + Shadow my work better.

A quick google gave me this: How to reduce input lag for HDR video games | Sony UK and it's directly for Sony :)

Made some difference for me, hope it does for you… but don't shoot me if it doesn't :D
Good luck!