MBP/s glitch

  • 15 September 2020
  • 2 replies

Shadow keeps using 0.2 or 2 MBP/s despite having 25 MBP/s allocated. Low bandwidth is activated, if I deactivate it, nothing happens. I have a 100 MBP/s connection. And my Shadow is connected to the Santa Clara server. And if it helps I haven’t used Shadow for a week since I had some technical issues with my 100 MBP/s connection.

2 replies

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Are you running any applications while seeing the 2mb/s stat?  If you’re just sitting on the desktop, you’ll see lower framerates but they should go up once you open an application.


Data is also used as the screen needs to be refreshed. Anywhere from .2mbps to 1mbps is normal when idle.